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Sniffer dog helps find 250k cigs

Friday April 22nd 2016

Casey the sniffer dog can justifiably claim to have one of the most sensitive snouts in the business.

The springer spaniel-cross has helped sniff out nearly 250,000 cigarettes worth a total of around 135,000 euros (£106,500). Casey made the discovery beneath some farm machinery.

The three-year-old pooch's suspicions were aroused after a Polish-registered lorry exited a Rotterdam boat at the port of Dublin. The chassis rail in the lorry's trailer hid around 12,500 cigarette packs with Winston Blue, Marlboro Red and Marlboro Gold branding.

Customs officers are questioning a Polish lorry driver during the ongoing investigation, thanks to Casey's efforts. A separate find unearthed 9,300 cigarettes on Sunday (April 18).

The Kent-branded cigarettes were found inside the bag of a Moldovan passenger who flew from Frankfurt to Dublin Airport. The discovery helped to save the taxpayer 116,250 euros (£91,750), according to the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

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