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Snake warning for Lincolnshire dog walkers

Thursday May 18th 2017

Dog owners in Lincolnshire have been warned of a potential threat to their pets, with a number of snake sightings recorded in Grantham.

The Grantham Journal reports that adders have been spotted near the town's canal in recent weeks.

Jim Wheeldon, a water bailiff for the Grantham Angling Association, said dog walkers in particular need to be wary in light of the sightings.

He told the newspaper: "People see them and go walking up to them, but they can strike without warning."

According to the publication, the adder remains the only variety of venomous snake which is native to the UK. Generally, adders only use their venom when they have no other way to defend themselves, however.

The Forestry Commission has previously advised people to respect snakes and leave them alone as far as possible. Nausea and drowsiness are among the key symptoms of an adder bite.

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