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Smokers lack lung cancer awareness

Monday November 4th 2013

Current smokers are most at risk of developing lung cancer, yet they are less aware of the potential symptoms of the disease than former smokers and people who have never smoked regularly, research shows.

A report by the Global Lung Cancer Coalition reveals that 22% of smokers do not know any of the symptoms.

In comparison, the figures, released to mark the start of Lung Cancer Awareness Month, show that 9% of former smokers and 15% of people who have never smoked are not aware of lung cancer symptoms.

A cough and breathlessness were the most commonly identified symptoms among the 1,000 British adults polled.

Dr Penny Woods, chief executive of the British Lung Foundation, which is a member of the coalition, described the figures as "concerning".

"Two out of every five lung cancer diagnoses are made when patients are admitted to A&E but most cases should be detectable long before this stage," she said.

"It is vital that people become more aware of their lung health and the symptoms of lung cancer - this could make a huge difference in detecting lung cancer at an early stage and increasing the chances of successful treatment."

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