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Smart sensor translates tail wags

Friday October 9th 2015

Dogs let their tails do the talking and a new device promises to help owners understand what each wag means.

The speed, breadth and direction of each shake of the tail all betray the emotions a canine is feeling, the inventors behind TailTalk say. DogStar Life, which is based in New York, claims its sensor can measure the peaks and troughs of a dog's day.

The gadget fixes on to a pooch's tail and works like a Fitbit fitness tracker. DogStar Life says the invention helps owners get a better understanding of their pets through some tell-tale signs that they would not ordinarily pick up.

When the tail wags to the right, it denotes excitement or happiness, while a wag to the left indicates anger, aggression or other negative emotions. The quicker a tail sweeps, the more excited an animal is.

A wide wag is suggestive of a dog being pleased to see someone or trying to convey that it does not feel threatened. The technology transmits data to the owner via Bluetooth to a smartphone app.

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