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Slimmed down Dalmatian needs home

Thursday December 17th 2009

A slimline Dalmatian whose soft spot for crisps and chocolate once sent his weight rocketing up to 11 stone is in need of a new home after his previous owner was banned from keeping dogs, RSPCA Warrington has said.

Barney the Dalmatian was placed in an animal shelter by the RSPCA after his owner, 40-year-old John Green from Macclesfield, pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering.

Mr Green had caused Barney's weight to balloon through a junk food diet consisting of crisps and chocolate, however, since then his weight has dropped to a svelte 6 stone 4lb after he was enlisted on a strict diet and exercise programme.

Unfortunately, Barney's new figure has not got him any more recognition at the shelter, where he hasn't received a single offer since he was taken in.

Chris Walkden, manager of RSPCA Warrington, Halton & St Helens branch animal centre, said: "He has worked really hard to slim down to just under 40kg and now, deservedly, takes full advantage of his new svelte figure - chasing balls, bouncing through the fields - he really is a bundle of energy and fun.

"He is so gentle and has a very sweet and docile temperament. His ideal home is somewhere where he can remain active, be taken out for lots of walks and lavished with lots of love and attention."

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