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Sleuth! - What a clever detective

Friday September 26th 2014

Sherlock has been sniffing around at Amsterdam Schipol Airport, helping passengers to find their lost luggage.

But it's not Sherlock Holmes, it's Sherlock the beagle - the dog has been taken on by Airline KLM, who decked him out in uniform and set him to work locating and returning everything from gadgets to stuffed toys.

Sherlock picks up scents and dashes through the airport to locate the right owner - an especially unusual sight as he can be seen with such items as mobiles and headphones in his pouch.

It's a tough job, of course, and staff of Lost and Found at the airport make sure Sherlock is trained up in areas like muscle strength endurance and even the techniques of socialisation.

So with some help from handler Dirk van Driel, Sherlock has become the most famous detective in the airport, with grateful passengers posing for selfies with the sleuth.

The airline has even released a video showing how staff spoil Sherlock after his successes in finding luggage left on planes.

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