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Six golf balls found in dog's stomach

Thursday July 16th 2015

Vets have discovered why Murphy the German Shepherd was feeling below par after finding six golf balls trapped in his stomach.

The seven-year-old rescue dog underwent an emergency operation to save his life after X-rays revealed unidentified objects inside him.

His owner, David Larson, a joiner from Jarrow, South Tyneside, was stunned as he has not walked Murphy near a golf course in the 18 months since he got him from a home.

The problem came to light when Murphy became ill after eating a bone. He was seen by staff at Westway Veterinary Group, Newcastle, who took some precautionary X-rays.

Mr Larson said: "There were some foreign bodies inside his stomach but the vets couldn't identify what they were, so Westway operated at their hospital and saved his life.

"I've only had him for 18 months and he has never come into contact with golf balls during that time, so they must have been lodged inside him for a long time."

The pleased owner added: "He has made an excellent recovery since the operation - and I'm going to make sure he is never given bones or allowed anywhere near a golf course in future."

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