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Shot dog crowned pet survivor of the year

Thursday December 24th 2015

A pet dog has scooped a national award after defying odds of a million to one to survive being shot through his head with a 20-inch crossbow bolt.

Ziggy the Staffordshire bull terrier is now enjoying life with new owner Dominic O'Hare after vets in Peterborough helped him make an astonishing recovery.

And the three-year-old Staffie has now been named as Pet Survivor 2015 by the PDSA veterinary charity.

Ziggy was taken to Vets4Pets in Peterborough last year after dog walkers found him wandering alone in woodland with the bolt protruding from either side of his skull.

Vets4Pets' Cees Bennett, says x-rays had shown the bolt had deflected off the outside of Ziggy's skull, missing his eye, ear canal and vital nerves and blood vessels.

Ms Bennett says the chances of surviving such a shot were simply, one-in-a-million. But she adds that Ziggy made an astonishing recovery from his surgery and was able to be discharged to kennels just a few days later.

Mr O'Hare, of Watford, says as soon as he saw Ziggy he knew he was the right dog and applied to adopt him. And he adds that despite his ordeal, Ziggy is affectionate and "incredibly trusting".

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