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Short-nosed dog breeds 'at risk'

Friday May 18th 2012

A worrying number of "short-nosed" dog owners are failing to spot and acknowledge the signs that their pets have a breathing problem, according to a survey.

Breeds such as pugs, bulldogs, Pekingese and French bulldogs could be at risk because their difficulty breathing is viewed as 'normal' by their owners.

Out of 285 canines admitted to the Queen Mother Hospital for Animals over the last five months, 31 were found to be affected by brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS).

The Royal Veterinary College surveyed the owners of these animals and found a clear disparity between owners' reports of severe clinical signs and their perceived lack of a 'breathing problem', stating it was a great concern.

All of the affected dogs were reported to 'snore' by their owners, some even when awake, compared to less than 2% of unaffected dogs.

Some 58% of owners stated that their dogs did not have breathing problems, despite over two thirds showing difficulties during exercise on a daily basis.

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