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Shin splints term 'misleading'

Thursday May 31st 2012

Patients are being given misdiagnoses and ineffective treatments because of the phrase 'shin splints', causing pain, difficulties with exercising and sometimes immobility, a new study by the College of Podiatry has found.

The UK academic podiatry authority suggests 'shin splints' is an overarching, general description of several different problems that result in exercise induced leg pain (EILP).

Indeed, more than 31 individual problems are related to EILP, every one needing its own special diagnosis for the correct treatment for the condition.

Podiatry experts at the John King Centre for Leg Pain at BMI London Independent Hospital believe that the phrase 'shin splints' is the reason for the misdiagnosis of around half of EILP problems.

According to the podiatry authority's study, 15% of people believe they suffer from shin splints but have not been to the doctor, 30% suffer from irregular leg pain and 9% deal with EILP regularly.

Consultant podiatrist Dr Nat Padhiar said: "When taking part in exercise and sport, make sure you prepare well and take into consideration all aspects of that sport or exercise, including appropriate footwear that is specific to that sport."

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