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Shih Tzu swallows kitchen sponge

Wednesday July 29th 2015

A dog is recovering at home after undergoing life-saving treatment to remove a kitchen sponge.

Alfie, a Shih Tzu, swallowed the sponge, complete with scouring pad, as his owner Maria Bird cleaned the bathroom.

The 20-month-old pooch was rushed to the PDSA's pet hospital in Gateshead, where he was given an injection to make him sick.

Vet nurse Caroline Watson said Alfie was incredibly lucky to escape relatively unscathed. Swallowing foreign bodies can have traumatic effects on pets, often tearing or causing fatal blockages in the digestive system.

Staff at PDSA were amazed that such a small dog managed to swallow an entire sponge.

It cannot have been very pleasant going down or coming back up again, added Ms Watson.

Ms Bird, from Jarrow, South Tyneside, said she knew Alfie could be in deep trouble. While he seemed fine, she decided to take no chances and immediately took him to the vets - which probably saved his life.

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