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Search is on to find UK's happiest cat

Monday May 4th 2015

The country's happiest cat is wanted to be the face of a mobile phone giant's new billboard advertising campaign.

Casting has begun to find the winner, which will be unveiled on May 21 to coincide with the ad launch itself. London's famous Pineapple Studios hosted O2's unique "cat casting" audition.

Ex-Girls Aloud singer and cat lover Sarah Harding, who is among the judges, said that she and the rest of the panel had enjoyed the "incredibly smiley" applicants.

Harding has a cat of her own, a Persian called Marley who she says plays a huge role in her life and can be seen pictured on her social media sites. The 33-year-old star said she was really looking forward to seeing the successful cat plastered all over London billboards.

She has been joined on the panel by Kat Ward-Smith, O2's creative chief, and Charlotte Wilde, a cat agent. The winner will front the new O2 Refresh monthly tariff ad campaign.

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