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Search for new dog foster carers

Thursday September 4th 2014

A dog rescue charity is looking to enlist a team of people willing to temporarily rehome dogs while permanent homes are found.

Kennels are often unsuitable for older dogs and those with health problems, so Jerry Green Dog Rescue wants to expand its small team of foster carers in the Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire regions where it has five bases.

One of its centres, at Gilberdyke in East Yorkshire, is looking for people to look after dogs like nine-year-old crossbreed Barney Bat-ears. He, like many other dogs, are too stressed to live in kennels and they are better suited to stay with carers who can give them that extra bit of attention they need, according to the rescue centre's head of welfare and development Shelley Wooding.

She says the role is perfect for people who like dogs and have plenty of free time to look after them until a loving family takes them on for good. It is a sound idea for dog owners to take out Pet Insurance to cover unexpected costs of ownership like vets bills.

One of Jerry Green's existing foster carers is Sheila from Mansfield. She is looking after 11-year-old dog Buddy from the charity's Blidworth centre near Nottingham. Sheila lives on her own and finds Buddy a great companion.

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