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Sculpture honours 'bus stop cat'

Wednesday June 8th 2016

A cat who could arguably lay claim to being Hampshire's most famous moggie has had a sculpture unveiled in her honour.

Missy, known as "The Bus Stop Cat", had to be put to sleep in January after being attacked or run over.

She suffered horrific injuries, but will be remembered as a great source of comfort for visitors to the No.39 bus stop in Havant's Dunsbury Way. The ginger cat used to love sitting on passengers' laps as they waited for their bus, often falling asleep.

Her story went viral and testament to her popularity is that donations for the sculpture have come from all around the globe, including the US and Australia. The bus stop has virtually been turned into an impromptu shrine since her death, the BBC reports.

Fans have left drawings, photographs, messages and flowers at 13-year-old Missy's favourite bench.

Craig Cockram, a bus driver himself, was behind the memorial fundraising. One fan, Samantha Hadaway, was moved to write about her precious "fur angel".

Even Havant's mayor Faith Ponsonby joined in the tributes. She says that children looked forward to stroking Missy every day.

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