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Scottish sausage factory to close

Tuesday July 10th 2012

More than 1,700 workers could be out of work should a West Lothian sausage factory be forced to close, according to reports.

The owners of Hall's of Broxburn, Vion Food UK, claim the meat factory is haemorrhaging close to £80,000-a-day, despite benefiting from heavy investment over the past four years.

Vion UK chairman Peter Barr revealed that "over-capacity" and "extremely challenging" conditions in the British meat industry have forced the company to begin a 90-day consultation exercise with unions and workers.

Barr said: "This is an extremely sad day and one we have strenuously tried to avoid for the past four years, but the huge losses being incurred mean we believe we have no alternative.

"Every possible step has been taken to secure the future of the business but we are currently losing £79,000 per day at the site, which is clearly unsustainable."

The Vion chairman added that efforts to stem the losses have been unsuccessful and that the "complexity and inefficient layout of the plant" had contributed to its downfall.

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