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Scottish dogs must be microchipped

Thursday March 5th 2015

All dog owners in Scotland will soon need to get their pooches microchipped.

The Scottish government is changing the law to make the electronic chips, which are roughly the same size as a large grain of rice, compulsory from April 2016.

It is part of efforts to reduce the number of lost and abandoned dogs across the country, promoting responsible ownership when it comes to looking after man's best friend and safeguarding their welfare.

Public consultation last year revealed strong support for microchips. Four-fifths of respondents (83%) said they would like to see microchipping for dogs made compulsory in the near future.

Two-thirds of dogs in Scotland are understood to have already been microchipped voluntarily, while figures show that more than 10,000 dogs in the UK have been reunited with their owners as a result of a microchip.

The new law is also going to be introduced in England and Wales at the same time as Scotland.

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