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Scottie dogs go down a storm

Monday July 28th 2014

The Commonwealth Games in Glasgow has been a sporting success so far - but for many the highlight of the opening ceremony on Wednesday was seeing 40-plus Scottie dogs in the athletes' parade!

Twitter was awash with tweets of delight as the Scottish Terriers, all clad in tartan coats, led the 71 national teams around Celtic Park, with many of them used for more than one country.

One of the Scotties, Hamish, had the honour of leading out Team Scotland. He was joined by the dog's owner, Aaron Chisholm, who described the experience as amazing.

Aaron's father, Barry, said the Games would do wonders for the profile of Scottish Terriers. Anyone thinking of getting a Scottie or any other dog should consider arranging Pet Insurance to help cover many of the costs of ownership.

Tennis star Andy Murray's mum Judy tweeted a picture of Hamish and Team Scotland and commented that it was 'barkingly brilliant', while Scottish MP Jackie Baillie tweeted her love for the dogs, adding that she wants one.

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