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Scientists make filling discovery

Thursday August 25th 2011

Dental scientists have developed a way of giving fillings without using a drill.

The Leeds University's Dental Institute study found a material which repairs decaying teeth by replicating the conditions that promote the original growth of enamel.

The team then used the natural enamel-forming protein in a liquid that could be brushed onto a patient's teeth.

The liquid soaks into holes left in teeth by decay and triggers the full regeneration of the enamel within weeks of application.

The breakthrough is going to be put through tests across the globe in an aim to take it to market in the near future and see it used by dentists.

Professor Paul Brunton, from Leeds Dental Institute, said: "Patients are nervous of coming into the dentists. Only half of the population go on a regular basis because of they are nervous of having dental treatment."

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