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Schoolbag insurance gap revealed

Thursday September 12th 2013

UK children carry on average more than £120 worth of gadgets in their schoolbag but they are often uninsured, new research has revealed.

This equates to almost £1 billion worth of electronics in the nation's schoolbags - which are often left lying around or used as goal posts for football matches.

The Money Advice Service study found more than half of 11 to 16-year-olds take a smartphone to school, while one in 10 kids aged six to 10 carries an electronic tablet.

Just 16% of parents have personal possessions insurance that covers all the contents of a school bag - but half (50%) of those with personal possessions insurance said they do not fully understand it.

One in seven (14%) parents admitted they would worry about the cost of replacing the items if their child lost their schoolbag, but one in five parents (19%) are aware that their child leaves the bag unattended in public places.

Even for those parents who do hold insurance policies, their cover may not apply to bags left unattended.

Jane Symonds, head of service delivery at the Money Advice Service, said: "We advise parents with children heading back to school this autumn to take a moment to check what is and isn't covered, as well as the all-important details such as policy limits and excess amounts."

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