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School costs mount up for parents

Tuesday October 15th 2013

The vast majority of UK parents with children of school age find paying for everything their child requires for school expensive, a new report from has found.

Taking into account the cost of uniforms, school trips and packed lunches, nine out of ten parents claimed the overall costs were "very expensive".

The same report, which details how parents fund everything their child needs for each academic year, revealed that just two in ten parents (21%) actually save up to ensure they have enough money put aside for everything their child needed. Furthermore, four in ten (42%) admitted to being "despondent" about the costs, and conceded there was little they could do about it.

The overall cost of funding a child per term was reported by 78% as being approximately £300, or £900 for the whole school year. Bearing in mind that 40% of parents have two children, this puts the cost up to £1,800 for the vast majority of two child families.

Schools Minister David Laws commented earlier this year on the specific cost of school uniforms, claiming they were "unnecessarily high".

The research from appears to echo that, with Anita Naik, lifestyle editor for the website, claiming: "Parents naturally want to provide for their children and ensure they are able to at least cover the cost of all of their necessities. However, with stagnant salaries and ever-inflating prices, being able to budget for everything can turn into a precarious juggling act."

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