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Sassie the cat helps save OAP's life

Friday July 10th 2015

A pet cat played a crucial role in saving her owner's life after she managed to get the attention of a passing paperboy.

Sassie clawed at the window to signal to newspaper boy Nathan Dunsire when her 71-year-old owner Ellen Kay fell in the night and suffered injuries to her head and spine.

Mrs Kay, of Kirkcaldy, Fife, was trapped on the floor for three hours, even though she had tried to wake up her neighbours by banging a broom against the wall.

But Nathan, 15, spotted Sassie in the window and decided to peer through the letterbox, meaning he could call the police to break into the property and rescue Mrs Kay.

Mrs Kay, who is now recuperating at home after spending a week in hospital, has since been able to thank Nathan for his good deed.

She said she was thrilled to bits to meet him, adding that some people might not have bothered to do what he did.

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