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Samsung plans sports glasses gadget

Tuesday October 29th 2013

Samsung plans to take on Google Glass with its own version of internet-connected eyewear, patent records suggest.

A device, called sports glasses, will feature earphones built into the frame, allowing wearers to listen to music and receive phone calls.

The glasses are connected to a smartphone, which they can control remotely, and can also display information from the handset.

The design patent sketch features a thumbnail-sized display over the left eyeglass - reminiscent of Google's tiny display over the right eyeglass which allows users to view information and websites.

Samsung does not detail whether the sports glasses will be accessible only via a smartphone or whether they will be able to connect to the internet directly. It also does not mention touch control or a camera, two features of Google Glass.

The indications are that Samsung's proposed gadget is intended for sports or outdoor activities.

Samsung, which filed the eyewear design patent at the Korean Intellectual Property Office on March 8, has already ventured into bringing mobile computing to everyday objects with Galaxy Gear, a smartphone-connected watch launched last month.

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