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Sackings begin on Apprentice 2012

Friday March 23rd 2012

Lord Sugar has announced his first sacking of this year's Apprentice series - and a Bulgarian-born 25-year-old was first to go.

Bilyana Apostolova brushed off the stigma of being first one out, saying breezily that she is "not embarrassed" and left holding her "head up high".

She was given the boot from the BBC1 show after a boardroom battle with Katie Wright and team leader Gabrielle Omar.

The trio ended up under the spotlight after losing out to the other team in the profit stakes in the first task, which was on print business.

Apostolova fought her corner, interrupting Alan Sugar again and again, but despite her determination and resolve she was given the sack, saying afterwards "I think I fired myself".

The former head girl told the show that life had taken her from a "Communist block of flats in Bulgaria to the top of a skyscraper in the heart of the City of London".

She said after the sacking: "Having seen the episode I don't feel embarrassed. I didn't make a major mistake. I left there while holding my head up high ... it's arguable whether it was a very fair firing...

"I am disappointed that I left so early on but I'm not embarrassed."

Apostolova is training to be a wealth manager for British entrepreneurs.

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