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Russian cat is TV superstar

Tuesday March 24th 2015

Russia's latest TV star is a clever British Shorthair cat that made her owner more than many Russians earn in a year when she starred in an advert for a national phone operator.

Dusya's heritage dates back to first century AD when the Romans invaded Britain and brought the breed with them. But she was born in Russia and taken in as a kitten by Kirov resident Vladimir Koshechkin.

Her intelligence soon came to the fore and she was easily trained thanks to edible treats. This has allowed her to star in TV shows, photo-shoots and commercials.

Vladimir was paid the equivalent of £2,000 for Dusya's part in the Russian phone operator advert, in which the cat is seen looking for different ways to have a nap.

And that is a considerable amount when you find out around a million Russians are living on £100 or less a month.

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