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Runaway cat found safe near hospital

Friday October 23rd 2015

A vanishing cat has been found safe and sound after apparently hitching a ride to hospital.

Pip's disappearance on October 8 left Burton-based owned Pat Boden concerned for her moggy's safety. He turned up seven days later, however, near one of the safest places of all - the local hospital. Pip, 3, usually prefers being indoors due to illness.

But Ms Boden, a 72-year-old RSPCA worker, believes he must have taken an excursion outside after the garden gate and conservatory door were left open. She thinks Pip boarded neighbour Reginald Walker's car while the window was down and fell asleep.

Mr Walker then visited the Queen's Hospital in Burton, two-and-a-half miles away shortly afterwards. He then helped reunite pet and owner a week afterwards.

Mr Walker spotted posters saying that a white-and-black cat had been discovered and contacted Ms Boden. She spoke to Pip's temporary owner, Sarah Challenger-Hay, and soon twigged that the cat on the poster was her Pip.

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