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Ruby shines to win slim pet prize

Friday November 29th 2013

Ruby the Jack Russell terrier has had an eventful life - being rescued, becoming morbidly obese and trimming down to a third of her former size to become the pet slimming champion of 2013.

An animal shelter took in Ruby after she was found roaming the streets. She was lucky enough to find a family to look after her and owner Angela Martin, from Sunderland, gave her a "little treat here and there" because she had had such a tough life.

However, the treats came thick and fast from the whole of the family and Ruby ballooned to 9.1kg. She was 50% overweight and the charity PDSA put her and 15 other large pets on a tough six-month diet and fitness plan. Ruby now weighs just over 6kg and is 7in slimmer than she was before.

Ruby's tale is a fantastic slimming success story, in the opinion of PDSA senior vet Elaine Pendlebury. She said lots of owners overfeed their pets to show how much they love them but putting on too much weight can harm their health. Owners can arrange Pet Insurance to cover the cost of medical treatment for their animals.

She said Ruby's family wanted to make a positive change and they worked hard to make it happen. Together with the efforts of the PDSA they have changed her life, Ms Pendlebury said.

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