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Royal appointment for rehomed dog

Tuesday March 3rd 2015

The Queen will be visiting Battersea Dogs & Cats Home later this month and staff are looking for a deserving former canine resident to meet her.

Her Majesty has been the Royal Patron of the home since 1956 and she will open its new kennels on March 17. The last time she visited the centre was in 1991.

The home's staff are marking the event with a Twitter campaign to choose a rehomed dog to join in the party.

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home cares for around 9,000 animals a year. It takes in dogs and cats that are lost or abandoned. Owners who arrange Pet Insurance" href=>Pet Insurance can often make claims if their pets are lost or stolen.

Its chief executive, Claire Horton, says the home gives dogs a second chance at finding a happy place to live and of one them will have the privilege of joining the staff when they greet the Queen.

The home's Twitter feed is @BDCH and owners have until March 6 to post a photo or film of their dog with the hashtag #Maamsbestfriend.

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