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Royal Mail staff fear job losses

Friday April 27th 2012

The emergence of rival delivery companies has struck a chord with postal workers who now find themselves worried about job losses.

Royal Mail employees want conditions set on any rival companies' contracts, for example, TNT, which would limit the conditions of their prospective delivery work.

The Communication Workers Union has expressed "alarm" at its annual conference and spokesmen are calling for a campaign to be launched.

The main objection from Royal Mail workers is that any competitors can choose to occupy the most profitable areas in which to work leaving the least attractive options to Royal Mail who are obliged to deliver everywhere.

Moya Greene, Royal Mail chief executive, said that the company faced a "spiral of decline" unless the regulations were imposed on those who are planning to rival it.

The furore has come after test shifts were carried out by TNT earlier this month in West London.

"Conference further expresses its alarm that this pilot is part of TNT's wider strategy to deliver to 40% of urban areas. Conference recognises that this threat could lead to a loss of work and jobs," she added.

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