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Royal Mail confirms 1,700 job cuts

Wednesday March 23rd 2011

Royal Mail has announced plans to axe 1,700 jobs.

Around 1,000 managers will have their positions cut, the firm said, while the planned closure of two mail centres in London will result in the loss of a further 700 jobs.

Royal Mail has already cut 1,700 jobs since January in areas including finance, IT, human resources and support services.

Staff numbers at Royal Mail have been reduced by around 65,000 since 2002, and its other employees may want to consider taking out Income Protection insurance after the company confirmed that "significant reductions" in the number of mail centres were under way.

Around half of the 64 centres in 2010 could be closed by 2016, Royal Mail said.

"With the number of postal items posted in London expected to more than halve between 2006 and 2014, it is imperative that Royal Mail continues the modernisation programme," said the company in a statement.

Royal Mail said it expected to see the phased closure of the East London and South London mail centres to start immediately, leaving five centres in the capital.

The Greater London rationalisation programme is expected to achieve annual savings of £30 million, while £32 million will be invested in the Mount Pleasant site near King's Cross.

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