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Row after cat scratches postman

Thursday November 4th 2010

The Royal Mail has threatened to cut off the mail deliveries to one family after its 'playful' pet cat scratched a postman.

Family pet Lana went for a postman's hand as he was posting letters to the White family at their house on Chichester Road, in Portsmouth.

The Royal Mail contacted father Carl to tell them they could be blacklisted unless they prevent the cat from scratching their employee again.

Mr White's wife Carol, and their sons 10-year-old Jack and Connor, seven, have been thinking of ways to ensure they still get their mail without Lana hurting anyone.

He said since the incident the delivery man now knocks on the door with the post to prevent a repeat of the incident.

Mr White told the Portsmouth News: "The postman had put the letter through the door and for some reason our cat scratched his hand.

"She wasn't being vicious, I think she saw the hand and was being playful.

"I think it's a bit much to say they might take us off the mailing list if it were to happen again."

A Royal Mail spokesman said: "We can confirm an employee suffered an injury to a finger after being scratched by a cat while on deliveries.

"We have contacted the owner to make them aware of the matter and ensure we can continue to safely deliver to the address in future."

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