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'Ronaldog' is canine football star

Tuesday April 19th 2016

A pet pooch has been nicknamed "Ronaldog" after wowing his new family with his football talents.

The now two-year-old Alfie's hidden talent became clear shortly after arriving at his new home from the Evesham Dogs Trust in Worcestershire. It was "absolute heaven" for the dog when Peter Simpkins put 30 footballs in the family garden for the animal's first birthday.

Alfie originally treated them to a display of keepie-uppies, ball control and fast dribbling shortly after being adopted at 10 weeks old. Back then, being no bigger than the balls themselves proved no obstacle, the Telegraph reports.

Today his Ronaldo-like skills have got better as he has got bigger. Mr Simpkins says it can be difficult to get the ball off his dog, whose talents are now being showcased on YouTube, once he has got hold of it. Mr Simpkins describes the dog's talents as "incredible".

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