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Roadworthiness risks car insurance

Thursday October 8th 2009

Roadside checks in Northern Ireland have found almost nine in ten vehicles are not roadworthy and in danger of invalidating their car insurance conditions.

Enforcement officers from the Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA) randomly stopped vehicles at places including Ballymena and Larne, Co Antrim, and Newry, Co Down and discovered that 30 out of 34 cars were faulty.

Again, as many as 11 vehicles had to be put off the road immediately for serious mechanical defects. The special tests took place on four occasions and also involved the police.

Neil Greig, director of the Institute of Advanced Motorists' Motoring Trust, said: "A failure rate of 88% is very worrying. Commercial vehicle operators are supposed to be licensed and checked in a much more rigorous way than private drivers and to find this many failing is startlingly.

"PSNI and DVA must undertake more roadside checks because it would appear that far too many large vehicle users are allowing their vehicles to go on the road in a potentially dangerous state.

"Until pass rates at these roadside checks are much higher they should continue and cover a wider range of routes. Commercial operators who consistently flout standards should lose their licence to trade."

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