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Road death pet campaigners win award

Wednesday May 20th 2015

Campaigners have been honoured by the RSPCA for helping people learn the fate of pets killed on our roads.

Cats and dogs hit by cars are now recovered and scanned by the Highways Agency - which then gets in touch with the pets' owners.

The changes were brought in on the back of a campaign known as Harvey's Law - which has now won an RSPCA Arthur Broome Bronze Award.

Nina Blackburn launched a petition after her friend lost her dog - and the petition eventually received more than 100,000 signatures. Ms Blackburn's friend Jude spent months searching for Harvey - only to find out he'd been run over on the M62 just minutes after going missing.

Extras and The Office comedy star Ricky Gervais also won the same gong at the fifth edition of the animal welfare charity's awards.

This was in recognition of his outspoken stance against cruelty to animals on his Twitter account - which has 8 million followers.

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