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Rise in popularity of small dogs

Monday August 15th 2016

Pet owners are increasingly choosing smaller dogs such as chihuahuas and pugs, according to research.

Figures provided by The Kennel Club show the average puppy weighs 12% less than it did 10 years ago.

The Kennel Club registers the details of around 250,000 hounds in Britain each year and claims smaller breeds are growing in popularity as they are cheaper to feed and home owners now have less space.

Nikki Cummins from The Kennel Club told The Telegraph: "We have noticed an increase in popularity for certain small breeds, for example, the dachshund. This is partly down to people's lifestyles as more people now tend to live in flats and apartments where larger dogs would not be comfortable living."

She added that smaller dogs also need less exercise which is more convenient for people working long hours.

"The most popular dog breed in the UK is the Labrador and has been for many years, which demonstrates that large dogs are still very much present in many homes across the country," she added.

The Dogs Trust, the UK's largest dog welfare charity, has seen a 244% increase in the number of small "designer" breeds at its 20 re-homing centres across the UK over the last six years. These include pugs, dachshunds and pomeranians.

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