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Reward for return of stolen rabbit

Friday October 31st 2014

A family desperate to find their stolen pet rabbit has offered a reward for his safe return.

Crackles was taken from his hutch in the garden of the Hunter family in Bransholme, Hull.

Father Craig said his two-year-old daughter, Daisy, is "absolutely distraught" to have lost her pet. "I know it's not a massive crime, but she is too young to really understand what has happened," he said

It is thought the Rex rabbit was stolen from the rear garden at the family's home between 8.30pm on Wednesday October 22 and 5.30pm on Thursday October 23, police said.

Mr hunter added that Daisy was very close to the animal, and that it was heartbreaking to tell her it had gone missing.

The rabbit is described as having black fur with grey and ginger patches and the breed is known for being gentle and playful.

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