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Retirement is 'risk to health'

Friday May 17th 2013

People may be putting their health at risk by retiring from work, according to a new report.

Retirees enjoy a small health boost immediately after they quit work but over the long term they experience a significant deterioration, said the Institute of Economic Affairs and the Age Endeavour Fellowship.

Its research found that retirement makes it 40% more likely an individual will experience clinical depression and suggested the likelihood of having at least one diagnosed physical condition rises by about 60%.

Retired people are 40% less likely than others to describe themselves as being in very good or excellent health, according to the study, with the probability of taking medication for a diagnosed condition increasing by around 60%.

In light of the findings, the Institute of Economic Affairs and the Age Endeavour Fellowship are urging the Government to increase the state pension age and help people to remain in employment for longer.

"There seem to exist longer-term health benefits of employment among older people," the study concluded.

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