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Researchers create music for cats

Wednesday March 11th 2015

Cat owners who like to play music to their animals are wasting their time - as felines are only interested in 'cat music', researchers claim.

Cats ignore the music humans listen to, but it is possible to create music they will respond to, according to academics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The lead author of the research, emeritus professor of psychology Charles Snowdon says it is not about replicating the sounds cats make but using music at the right kind of tempo and pitch they like.

He says the sounds that come out of a cat's mouth are an octave higher than those of people so getting the right pitch in music is crucial.

Prof Snowdon says once music is pitched correctly then the tempo can be altered to suit them and they tried to match the rate at which cats purr and also the sucking sound they make when they are nursing.

The researchers played two pieces of classical music and two so-called cat songs to 47 felines in their own homes. The cats were much more likely to respond well to the tunes tailored especially for them.

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