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Rescued bunny and baby pigeon become firm friends

Tuesday September 13th 2016

The Kildare Animal Foundation Wildlife Unit in Ireland is currently home to a budding friendship between two orphaned baby animals.

Arriving at the unit, Bunny the baby rabbit was so young that his umbilical cord was still attached.

Unsure if he would survive, staff placed the small and weak bunny into an incubator.

A few days later a tiny pigeon was brought in - and the chick also needed an incubator.

The facility only has one, so staff put the two animals into the same incubator, with a small divider placed between them to ensure they stayed separated.

The animals were left alone overnight but the next morning, staff found the pigeon and bunny had broken down their divider and were cuddled up together.

"Both are now in great health and are best of friends," the manager of the wildlife unit told

"They play separately and eat but when all is done they can be found snuggled soundly asleep together. They bring great comfort to each other."

The pair will be released into the wild once they become stronger.

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