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Rescue dogs play unique role in owner's wedding

Thursday June 15th 2017

A pair of animal lovers have given two formerly homeless dogs the chance to play a big part in their wedding.

Kim Davies and her new husband Jason were accompanied by the rescue dogs Maddie and Flea during their ceremony. The pets fulfilled the roles of page boy and flower girl, even escorting the couple down the aisle.

Mrs Davies has worked with the Dogs Trust in Bridgend, South Wales for a decade and adopted Cocker Spaniel Maddie when she was only six years old, back in 2008. She took in Flea a year later, with the pooch just 13 weeks old at the time.

The couple said they had always wanted the dogs to play a part in their wedding, which was held on a Swansea beach.

Mrs Davies said: " They were there for our first date and we couldn't imagine having our big day without them by our side. Both dogs were fantastic on the day and joined us for the photos and a special wedding breakfast of chicken and gravy."

In a further show of generosity, the couple even made donations to the Dogs Trust instead of providing wedding favours.

The bride said: "Everyone got a dog pen to take home and our cake had dog figurines on it, so we really went for an all-out dog theme."

She said her father even mentioned the Dogs Trust during his wedding speech.

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