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Rental rules 'see dogs ditched'

Thursday October 27th 2011

Landlords' reluctance to allow pets into their rental properties is forcing hundreds of tenants to give up their dogs, an animal charity has said.

Some 276 people handed over their dogs to the Dogs Trust because of housing difficulties in 2010 - marking a rise of 56% in the past five years.

The charity warned that as more people turn to rental accommodation amid soaring property prices, many more pet owners will be forced to ditch their beloved pets or even have them put down.

Clare Kivlehan, who runs the charity's Lets with Pets scheme, said: "We're campaigning for lettings agents and landlords to take a 'pets considered' approach rather than rejecting all pets."

A third of people surveyed could not find a suitable property to house them and their furry friend, and pet owners who managed to secure a tenancy tended to take longer to find a home.

Almost half (47%) of those who looked for a property said their lettings agency did not help them to find a pet-friendly home.

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