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Regional disparity in job prospects

Wednesday December 8th 2010

Companies in the North West, South West and Wales are far more positive about improving job prospects than many other areas of the country as regions with more diverse economies are predicting an encouraging start to next year.

Employment group Manpower said there is less positivity about the chances of jobs being created in the West Midlands, the North East, Scotland and Northern Ireland. People in those regions who are in employment might want to consider taking out income protection insurance, which pays out to policy holders who lose their jobs due to injury, illness or redundancy.

Mark Cahill, managing director at Manpower, said: "With growing disparity between the country's regional employers, we are seeing a wider gap in hiring intentions now than we did at any point during the recession.

"Regions traditionally home to labour intensive workforces are showing negative hiring intentions, while those with more diverse economies predict an encouraging start to next year."

The survey of 2,100 private and public sector employers showed the first general improvement in recruitment plans for a year.

Firms in finance, business services and utilities were the most optimistic, while the weakest hiring prospects were in retail and construction.

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