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'Real life' mpg register launched

Friday May 20th 2011

Honest John (HJ) has launched a new database where motorists can record the fuel economy they are achieving in their cars and compare it with the official EC figures.

The Real Life Fuel Economy Register, launched by The Daily Telegraph's HJ, will allow motorists to see a more realistic estimate of their car's fuel consumption than the wildly optimistic figures published by motor manufacturers.

Motorists have to enter the mpg they are getting against the make and model of car, its engine and type of transmission on the Real Life Fuel Economy Register.

Upon entering an average fuel consumption figure, the database automatically calculates the overall average, which is then compared with official EC figures.

HJ said: "Different types of driving and usage and the experience of thousands of drivers all average out to give an overall figure that you can reasonably expect to achieve."

The website is using technology that will prevent multiple entries, overly optimistic entries and "other forms of sabotage".

According to HJ, EC figures are over-optimistic because they result from laboratory tests conducted to simulate a mix of various types of driving, arriving at a "combined" CO2 emission and fuel consumption figure. However, these might not reflect real-life motoring.

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