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Rabbits 'rewrite history' with find

Tuesday February 11th 2014

Archaeologists think they have a colony of rabbits to thank for unearthing an array of historic artifacts in Cornwall.

It is thought the animals dug two burrows around 200 yards away from Land's End and threw out Neolithic age arrow heads, flint tools and hide scrapers in the process.

The discovery suggests there could be a significant New Stone Age cemetery as well as Bronze Age burial mounds and an Iron Age fort on the 150-acre site.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, 30-year-old team leader Dean Paton said it was a "million-to-one chance" that rabbits could dig up such an archaeological "gold mine".

He believes some important historical figures were laid to rest at the site. Now the area is to be fully investigated by a team from Big Heritage, which also hopes to set up an "archaeobunnies" trail for children. Families who keep rabbits are advised to take out Pet Insurance to cover veterinary costs.

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