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Rabbit's pitch invasion stops American football game

Wednesday September 9th 2015

A rabbit that thought it was an American footballer brought the crowd to life during a game at the Calgary Stampeders' McMahon Stadium in Canada.

The bunny proved itself one of the quickest, most slippery customers on the field as it hared across the pitch, evading several Edmonton Eskimo tacklers in the process.

It leapt triumphantly around 20ft (6 metres) into the air on reaching the end-zone as if celebrating a touchdown - as if it really grasped the rules of American football.

This put the commentators into a frenzy of delight and sent the crowd home happy. The club will now try to find the rabbit and get it relocated to somewhere where it will be safer, the Calgary Sun has reported.

The video has gone viral and has amassed numerous likes on Facebook, with many people also sharing the footage with their friends.

One commenter even suggested the rabbit should become the Stampeders' new mascot, while others declared the rabbit's pitch invasion was the highlight of the game.

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