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Rabbits become a habit for Kerry

Wednesday September 4th 2013

A mother-of-two in Cwmbran, Wales, has no need to count sheep when she is struggling to sleep - she can just open the curtains and have a look at the 29 rabbits hopping about her backyard.

Kerry Gwillym, 33, used to have 84 bunnies but decided to downsize when the cleaning-out and maintenance of the animals became too much. She told Wales Online: "That killed me. That was hard work cleaning out because you have got all the waste that comes with them. I was trimming nails all the time and then there are the babies coming up through the ranks."

Now, the breeder has a collection which is made up of ten English lop-eared bunnies, 15 Himalayan rabbits, two Belgian hares, one silver rabbit and one Dutch rabbit.

She said: "I try not to count them because I get worried about running out of space and needing a bigger shed.

"I started with mini lops. Then I saw one of the English lops at a show and thought, 'that's the ugliest rabbit I have ever seen.' And promptly went and bought one. The mini lops faded and these guys took over. Now I think they are beautiful. In an ugly way."

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