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Rabbit owners warned to protect pets against deadly virus

Monday August 8th 2016

Experts are advising rabbit owners to immunise their pets against a disease that could prove fatal.

Thousands of UK rabbits are being wiped out by Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease (RHD-2) and millions are still at risk.

Hazel Elliott from the British Rabbit Council told Sky News that the disease has potentially killed 4,000 rabbits already.

The Council has said the disease could be more dangerous than myxomatosis, which wiped out 99% of the UK's rabbits in the 1950s.

Symptoms include lethargy, fever, spasms and loss of appetite.

There is a vaccination to protect pets. It is available from vets and costs around £30.

Pet owners are also advised to w ash out their hutches and anything else that has been in contact with the animal, as t he infection can be easily spread between rabbits living in close proximity of each other.

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