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RSPCA warns of heat dangers to pets

Friday July 22nd 2016

The RSPCA has warned pet owners about the dangers of sun and heat damage to cats and dogs following a spate of incidents during the heatwave. The appeal comes after last weekend saw the charity's emergency hotline deal with 106 reports concerning dogs kept in overly warm conditions.

On Tuesday (July 19) the RSPCA responded to a call in Leeds stating that a British bulldog had been locked up in a motor in a Morrisons car park. The dog fainted soon after the call was made, only for the owner to appear and drive off, claiming that she was taking the bulldog for veterinary help.

The RSPCA wants information about the owner, who is said to drive white 4x4 vehicle with windows blacked out. Ruby is thought to be the pooch's name. Witnesses can ring 0300 1238018.

The RSPCA has also urged pet owners to use sun cream on cats following serious sun damage to the animals in Conwy.

Vets removed the cancerous ends of the ears of Flash and Tinker after spending too much time in the sun, the BBC reports. Shorthair crossbreeds have scant protection from fur around their ears and a lighter skin pigment, making them more susceptible to burning.

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