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RSPCA warns of antifreeze dangers

Wednesday January 12th 2011

The RSPCA is warning pet owners of the dangers of antifreeze after five cats died from antifreeze poisoning in Norwich last month.

Spike, Rabbit, Sprinkles, Cookie and Theodore, who all belonged to Andrew Thompson and his family, were thought to have swallowed antifreeze.

The chemical ethylene glycol, found in some household brands of antifreeze, has potentially lethal consequences when ingested by cats, who seem to enjoy its taste. Such incidents are a good reminder of the importance of having adequate pet insurance to cover injuries and illness.

The RSPCA is urging the public to be aware of the dangers posed to cats by antifreeze, especially as hundreds of cases of antifreeze poisoning have been reported to the society in the last few years.

Mr Thompson said: "Our other three cats and our neighbours' cats have all been fine, but we think the antifreeze must have been nearby as they never go far from home.

"It was so upsetting for us and our children to see the cats suffer in the way they did and I just hope that people will be more careful if using antifreeze."

Dr Kerry Westwood, RSPCA scientific officer for companion animals, added: "Many of us are not aware of just how toxic antifreeze is so it's really important that we all take care when using, storing and disposing of it. It could save an animal from an incredibly painful death."

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