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RSPCA warns festive fashion 'a no-no for dogs'

Tuesday December 22nd 2015

Dressing up dogs as part of the festive fun could be anything but that for the pets themselves, the RSPCA is warning.

The rise of seasonal pet fashion in the US has spread across the Atlantic, with more and more UK-based pooches being dressed up in Christmas attire. This includes Santa hats, Christmas jumpers, reindeer antlers and suits, ankle warmers, bow ties and elf outfits.

But the charity says such unfamiliar costumes can impede dogs' key methods of communicating, while they can also leave the animals afraid and anxious.

The RSPCA's guidance is for owners to veer away from such clothing for their pets.

The animal charity's Samantha Gaines warns that dogs tell owners about how they are feeling via their eyes, tail, body posture and other physical signals. Covering these up with festive fashion restricts their ability to communicate, not only with humans but with other dogs too, says Dr Gaines.

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