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RSPCA seeks top dog for Ruffs

Tuesday February 3rd 2015

An animal charity is adding a rescue dog category to its popular Ruffs alternative dog show.

The second RSPCA Ruffs show will include dogs that have found new homes after staying at the charity's centres across Britain.

Hundreds of thousands of people voted during the first Ruffs week in 2014 to celebrate healthy and happy dogs, which the RSPCA's campaign manager Violet Owens says is more important than how a dog looks.

As well as the rescue dog category the charity is looking for the "happiest hound" and the "best transformation" and the winners of each category will hope to be crowned best in show.

Last year's "best transformation" winner was Rottweiler Tiny. The dog received 315,000 votes for the category and 12,000 more to be crowned best in show.

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